Learn the secrets to productivity that 92% of entrepreneurs and small business owners fail to recognize before it’s too late…

Too late for what, you ask?

When your business success dreams are under the added pressure of neck pain, back pain and chronic shoulder tension, you’re probably now more concerned than ever to do something about your life and work.

Worse yet, you’re now worried about health problems related to the insidious nature of mounting work stress.

In fact, you’ve probably felt those nagging thoughts of helplessness, like there are no clear answers for relief in sight.

But you’ve got to keep your successful business and dream going.

You’re a serious business person.

Nonetheless, you’ve felt the dreaded “overwhelmed” feeling sneak into your busy life.

Or maybe you’re constantly feeling unhappy and crushed by the spiralling and constant workload and pressure to produce.

Who else is going to move your business forward?

And you know that you just can’t get away from sitting in front of your computer all day long.

It’s true. You likely can’t leave your computer work to anyone else.

Do you feel stuck in a rut?

You’re not alone. I estimate that if you’re like the 92% of entrepreneurs and business owners that fail to recognize that they need outside help in the areas of stress management, ergonomics and a healthier lifestyle, then you’re suffering with them.

If this resonates with you, you may be at risk of business burnout and declining health.

In other words people like you continue on their course of being overworked and overwhelmed in their business lives are at high risk to become a work statistic.

A repetitive strain injury, chronic headaches, neck pain, back pain and chronic shoulder tension are among the common warning lights that irreversible damage to their health may be occurring.

If any of the above problems sound like you or describe your current state of being, then the Energized Entrepreneur Health Coaching Program is right for you.

I designed this totally unique health and wellness program for people like you.

I’m Dr. Alan Chong. Over the past 27 years of clinical practice I’ve successfully helped thousands of business people like you get over their physical and emotional effects of stress, overwork and overwhelm.

My strategy is simple; I help give you unique, easy-to-implement tools and techniques to coach you to address the major causes of your stress, fatigue, pain and symptoms associated with your current work and lifestyle.

If you struggle with and need help in any of the health areas that I mentioned above, then this program is right for you.

Here is what client  Milana Leshinsky had to say,

“I had an injury occur during one of my fitness training sessions. I knew something was wrong when I couldn’t walk without pain in my lower back. I stopped dancing. I could no longer walk up the hill and my lifestyle turned from a very active one to spending most of my time inside.

For about a year and a half I saw a local chiropractor, physical therapist, and a massage therapist. I had been taking pain medications just so I could take a basic walk with my husband.

That was a time of lots of hopelessness in my life.

Then I met Dr. Alan, The Spine Coach. He worked with me over the phone and email to understand my situation, offered to look at my x-rays, and even spoke to my chiropractor. A new plan of action was formed, which was already better than my previous state of complete hopelessness. I was optimistic that I could start taking dance lessons again.

Dr. Alan insisted that I got an MRI, which showed that I had a bulging disc in my spine. Now I knew what was wrong and could address it much more precisely with my local chiropractor. Other exercises and therapies suggested by Dr. Alan were implemented, and a few months later I noticed that I could walk at least a mile again and was starting to slowly go up the hill.

Today I am walking 3-4 miles a day, taking dance lessons, and even competing in a dance showcase. I am so excited that I can go back to my active lifestyle.

Thank you so much Dr. Alan!”

“I would highly recommend health coaching with Dr. Alan Chong, The Spine Coach!”

Milana Leshinsky

Entrepreneur, Online Strategist, Innovator

The Energized Entrepreneur Health Coaching Program is an easy-to-implement 7-Step Coaching Guided Study Program designed to provide you with the following life skills, tools and experience:

  • A step-by-step coach-guided process to define and eliminate the major causes of your physical and emotional work stress.
  • Immediately implement clinically tested preventive and health maintenance exercises and techniques to improve how you feel and look within days or weeks.
  • Permanently improve your Posture, Alignment and office Ergonomics.
  • Re-align your priorities for a healthier happier lifestyle through very conscious choices.
  • Audit your lifestyle habits to eliminate for good what's not working for you.
  • Regain your youthful energy so that you can supercharge your productivity and profitability.
  • Imagine people noticing that you "look and feel 10 years younger" because you feel healthier and happier than you have in years.
  • Develop a working plan to look after your health and happiness for years to come...

In my uniquely successful Energized Entrepreneur Health Coaching Program,

Here’s what you’ll receive: 

8 Audio Modules

Downloadable Audio covering all the essentials of Ideal posture, Ergonomics, Exercise, Nourishing your spine, Pain relief, and Lifestyle management.

8 Group Coaching Sessions

45 minute, Weekly Group Teaching & Support Coaching Sessions with your opportunity for concise Q & A with Dr. Alan Chong, The Spine Coach himself.

8 Workbooks + Transcripts

Downloadable PDF workbooks and complete audio transcriptions for each module highlighted with images to enhance your learning.

Module 1 - The "Pain Release Gateway" and Other Key Concepts

  • Understand how pain works as a warning light to help you identify how to feel better
  • Get the overview of how simple changes make a huge difference for your energy and productivity
  • Learn strategies that will create lasting improvements for you and your health

Module 2 - Essential Posture: Work Smarter, Feel Great!

  • Look better and feel your best as you learn the "Posture Self-Check" to find your ideal posture
  • Learn the simple keys to great posture, a look that others will take notice of
  • See that ideal posture gives you the basis for ideal ergonomics and avoid ever developing a back "hump"

Module 3 - Essential Ergonomics - Keys to a Healthy Work Environment

  • Learn the essentials of office set-up and ergonomics made simple
  • Know that your office and computer are set-up properly for you
  • Feel better and work more efficiently with an ideal office set-up

Module 4 - Essential Exercise - Get the Most Out of Your Time

  • Learn what too much and too little exercise do to your body
  • Discover 5 easy exercises to ease tension and stop pain before it starts
  • Conserve more energy for the end of your work day and work week for family and friends

Module 5 - Essential Spinal Nutrition

  • Learn the essentials to keeping your spine and body healthy and pain free
  • Get the facts you need to eat right and healthy every day for energy and clear thinking
  • Get more out of your day by eating for energy and learn the foods that can drain you

Module 6 - Essential Pain Relief

  • Learn the essential differences between "hurtful" and "harmful" pain
  • Discover how pain and discomfort become your guide to non-productivity
  • Learn how to use the "Pain Release Gateway" to turn down your pain naturally

Module 7 - Essential Lifestyle

  • Discover the lifestyle choices that motivate you to success and ones that don't
  • Learn the lifestyle that will keep you energized and highly productive every day!
  • Use simple tips and actionable steps to consistently have better energy every day of your week.

Module 8 - Program Summary

  • Your call to actions are summarized in a neat package
  • Realize how far you've improved already
  • Long term positive results in little packages so that you take away lasting benefit and create lifelong habits that continue to improve your health, energy and productivity.

Plus this limited time Special Bonus Offer includes:


A one-on-one 30 Minute Personal Health Discovery Session. It’s a concise health and lifestyle-focused coaching consultation to discuss and discover what your greatest areas of need are and to create a plan of action for your success.

$297 Value


Supplementary Study Guides for each module so as to reinforce the main points of each lesson and turn this content into healthy lifestyle habits all at your fingertips.

$97 Value

These Limited Time Special Bonus Offers Total:  $394

Kari, a 31 year old client and school teacher consulted me complaining of her chronic back pain and her hunched over posture. I discovered that she was developing a “HUMP” in her back and if not corrected would likely become permanent. After one session and coaching her with practical and easy-to-implement “tools” to improve her posture, she reported the very next day that her co-workers asked what she had done different. To her delight, they also asked her, “Had she lost weight?” By simply improving her posture, others noticed an immediate and more positive energy about her. Was she happy? She was thrilled! She now lives pain-free and with abundant energy.

And here's what Jay Fiset, founder of "The Creators Code" had to say...

As a busy successful entrepreneur serving clients globally, a good portion of my day is in my office at my desk on calls and at the computer. This kind of work takes its toll on me from low energy to shoulders creeping up to my ears and stiffened up back upon standing.

Not any more! After making the necessary corrections and implementing the valuable tips Dr. Chong, The Spine Coach teaches in his unique course, Energized-Entrepreneur, I feel like I have a new body.

This and so much more are part of the Energized-Entrepreneur program. Your spine deserves to be taken care of and Dr. Alan Chong is THE go-to person to find out how.

Terra Ferrar,
Author, Speaker, Trainer

Are you ready to look younger and feel energized again?

Do you want to supercharge your productivity?

Are you ready to welcome back your youthful self and play at 100% again?

Claim your program TODAY!  I believe that you’re worth this investment in yourself and your business to become a healthier happier you.  And because your clients are looking for the best in you, be the best that you can be with my help. The Energized Entrepreneur Health Coaching Program is your gateway to health, happiness and success.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Alan Chong, The Spine Coach

Dr. Alan Chong

Yes, I would like to invest in the Energized Entrepreneur Health Coaching Program and please include all of the limited time offer special bonuses:

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  • 8 Group Coaching Sessions
  • 8 Workbooks + Transcripts
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  • BONUS #2 - Supplementary Study Guides >> $97 Value
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I’m 100% confident you’re going to love this program

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